The Company


L.C. Mayfield Associates, Inc. has performed successfully in a large number of programs where the owner/clients wish to maximize their investment recovery through the sale of their surplus unused and used equipment and materials. L.C. Mayfield Associates sells, evaluates and recommends: equipment, systems, process units, and complete facilities. The aim of our company is to reduce the owner expense and administrative cost while still obtaining maximum investment recovery. In the case of buyers of surplus unused and used equipment and materials, we make it possible for their companies to obtain a reduced fair market value for their purchases. Our company is results-oriented and operates only on a commission generated from sales for the equipment owner.


The company’s main objective for equipment sales has been from refineries, chemical plants, demolition contractors, private owned companies, and related industries throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company is not in selling competition with equipment owners, as it does not buy or own any goods inventory nor carry any inventory. All materials sold by the company are released for sale by the owner-client who is under contract with the company. The company operates within the guidelines of the owner’s administrative Investment Recovery Program. Higher sales prices, quicker surplus disposal, savings in administrative costs should net the owner at least equal results after commissions are paid. The company carries major liability, auto, and workman’s compensation insurance. Company Standard Operating Programs & Procedures consist of: Substance Abuse Program with random testing and reporting by DISA, Hazard Communication approved training & certification, Site Specific Training & Testing for each specific owner site, TWIC Certification, I-9 Employee Screening, Compliance with owner/ client site safety procedures, work at all company sites in a safe, and competent manner and company exceeded Client expectations.

How Is It Accomplished?


Almost all sales from the owner’s field locations and warehouse locations are sold by soliciting and receiving competitive bids through the use of our extensive company developed database of potential buyer listings for both U.S. and International companies. The potential buyer database is broken down by specific commodity types of equipment and materials. Extensive files and record keeping on each sale are maintained for the purpose of owner-client year end audit. The company also offers and has client “Scrap Management Programs”. L.C. Mayfield Associates, Inc. is not an auction-type company, and we have found our method of disposal to bring higher overall revenue results for our client-owners.

Our company employees work together as a team to provide a service not ordinarily available within the client’s organization. We work as part of the full time staff within the client’s complex, at the project job sites, and by frequent visits to the client’s facility to develop the surplus equipment and material inventories and sales prospects. The method of operation is tailored to each client as we attend to their specific needs and the volume of materials to be liquidated.

The company is a specialist in the areas of:

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